Mayabeque, Cuba: The deputy governor of Mayabeque, Manuel Aguiar Lamas, led a comprehensive work visit of the Provincial Government Council to the municipality of Madruga with the aim of evaluating the progress of policies and programs implemented in the country.

As detailed by the deputy governor, they visited communities, establishments, warehouses, cafeterias, clinics, in short, the entire social life of the territory. “This is a municipality that has an adequate implementation of policies,” he stressed.

However, he also referred to the main deficiencies detected during the visit, which included the exchange with residents of the communities involved in the program of transformation and social improvement.

“In the housing program, although there are results, it is not what is needed. They still fail to comply with subsidies, housing by their own effort. There are opportunities for improvement and we have to review that”, he explained.

In this sense, there was a consensus among the work team that Madruga is a locality that directs its efforts towards greater economic and social results, and the vice-governor assessed it as such.

 “The evaluation we have is positive of the work of the territory, the management carried out by the government, the way in which the government implements the different agreements, the different policies and there is a quite acceptable perception,” he concluded.

 Manuel Aguiar Lamas emphasized the responsibility of the provincial government in enforcing everything that the country has to advance from the municipalities in economic and social development.

One of the fundamental objectives of the comprehensive visit of the Mayabeque Government Council to the 11 municipalities of the province is that each one does what corresponds to them based on the well-being of the people.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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