Mayabeque, Cuba: Soybean planting occupies a great productive value this year for farmers determined to strengthen the production of animal feed.

Multiplying its seeds to increase the planting of different varieties of the crop in Batabanó is one of the objectives of the producer Jorge Bárcenas Lugo, who ventures into the production of high nutritional value fattening feed for pigs, chickens and cattle.

The producer explained that it has high levels of protein, only 20 percent of this crop is used together with corn and rice powder.

The study shows that for four hectares of corn, one of the legume must be planted, constituting an essential factor to meet to increase the results in those farms where animal husbandry is diversified.

Vegetable oil and milk can also be purchased from this food. It is a plant that tolerates the main pests and diseases, especially it resists attack by Nematodes and it is feasible for the Cuban farmer due to its great capacity to guarantee high productions with low inputs.

In Mayabeque today, this crop is cultivated in the municipalities of Santa Cruz del Norte, Jaruco, Güines, Madruga, San José de las Lajas and Batabanó.


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