Mayabeque, Cuba: The deputy minister of the Ministry of Higher Education, Alicia Alonso Becerra, highlighted the scientific teaching center of Mayabeque, for her contributions to the development of agriculture and the production of agricultural food in Cuba.

“It has the greatest potential for research, development and innovation in higher education,” Alonso Becerra said.

The Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez Agrarian University, the Institutes of Animal Science and Agricultural Sciences, the National Center for Agricultural Health make up the science and technology hub.

“They contribute directly to a strategic sector of the country, which is the production of food on which the country’s independence and sovereignty depend,” the deputy minister said.

Alonso Becerra conveyed her praise in an exchange with directors and researchers of the new Interface company, dedicated to the commercialization of scientific results.

“The work of the investigative pole of the province contributes more now with the new marketing company in such a way that the introduction of the results is promoted based on the economic and social development of the country and food production”, the leader said.

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