Mayabeque, Cuba: On April 4, the Young Communists League (UJC by its Spanish initials) turns 60 and in Madruga the organization is preparing multiple activities to celebrate the date.

The support for the main current battles in the territory marked in food production, the confrontation with political-ideological subversion, Covid-19 and the transformative actions in the communities highlight among them.

The first secretary of the UJC in the municipality, Yudmila Cabeza Viera, explained that this year they will recognize all the struggle that today’s young people wage in all scenarios, whether in isolation centers, in hospitals, in food production.

“April is a month of patriotic reaffirmation for the youth, of commitments and of total support for the Revolution”, the leader emphasized.

In this 2022, the young people from Madrid, from their social role, bet on a Cuba that lives and grows with the strength of the love of all its children.

Giving heart to Cuba, the UJC in Madruga, together with all the people, do the best work, the work of a country.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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