Andy: un conocedor de los infatigables elementos de la naturaleza.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The young Andy Portuondo Oliva, together with members of his community, transformed a micro dump into an agro-ecological project.

“I believe that the basis of everything, of every triumph of the human being is love. That’s where the passion for this begins. Many people had the word crazy present. At the forefront of all that entrepreneurship and all that desire to succeed came the beautiful. I first started with the sanitation work, it was very strong, since it was a micro dump with more than 15 years of depositing garbage from this entire area of ​​Popular Council 1. Already after 8 months, we have results”, Portuondo Oliva says.

Through an agreement with the Porfirio Álvarez Credit and Services Cooperative of the Güines municipality, now in this place, which is located at the confluence of 86 street and 63 Avenue, there is a point of sale for agricultural products.

“We have some of the products listed in the kitchen, such as: parsley, chives, radishes, carrots, lettuce and purslane itself,” the young farmer proudly states.

Perm culture is the art of designing living spaces, functional territories, professions, inspired by nature.

“The main objective of this project was always to try to use zero chemical products, harmful to health in the medium and long term. We use everything by applying perm culture, which is the culture of doing with what you have”, Andy added.

This model of natural agriculture is supported by the theory of the Australians Bill Mollinson and David Holmgren.

“We use the straw from the residues of the grass that remains, as natural fertilizer and other sediments such as the remains of vegetables from the kitchen and we make a fusion with perm culture and with that we fertilize our plants.”

Perm culture rests on ancestral knowledge transmitted between generations. One approach to sustainable development is to minimize the negative impacts of humans.

“Everyone’s motto here is sow your little piece. We must win in the culture of planting our own vegetables and vegetables. We must win in the culture of ecological detail. That is the only solution to mitigate, palliate and put an end to the severe climate change that we are witnessing today,” Andy Portuondo Oliva said.

This young man makes Martí’s thought come true “… Know, cultivate and take advantage of the inexhaustible and indefatigable elements of nature”.

Maikel Simón Ramos

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