Mayabeque, Cuba: There are several projects are carried out by the INICA Grassroots Business Union, Mayabeque and the Entomophagous and Entomopathogenic Reproductive Center (CREE), belonging to this entity, located in Quivicán.

These research projects are directed, in its majority, to the control and management of pests in the cultivation of sugar cane, as explained by the deputy director of research, Mariana Cáceres Rodríguez.

“A very important project is that of resistance, what it fundamentally deals with is the different experiments that are found, to evaluate the incidence that each pest has in a clone, in an individual or in a determined variety depending on the experiment in which you are involved”, she explained.

“This project defines which variety is the one that goes into production and which is not according to the resistance it presents”, she detailed.

According to Cáceres Rodríguez, among other projects, the integral training for the improvement of the production of biological media stands out through the training of the personnel that works in the CREE and others corresponding to the agro-meteorology that studies the climatic variables that can influence the development of pests in the field.

This center, with a great reach in both Artemisa and Mayabeque, not only allocates all its products to the care and protection of cane, it also works on other projects of importance to the country.


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