Representación del Complejo Científico Docente Productivo Mayabeque. Foto: Radio Camoa

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Mayabeque Productive Scientific Teaching Complex received the Prize for the Stand with the Greatest Impact at the Fair associated with the Thirteenth Edition of the 2022 University Congress.

The space, which includes the National Center for Agricultural Health (CENSA), the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (INCA), the Institute of Animal Science (ICA) and the Agrarian University of Havana (UNAH), was a sign of the strong scientific identity of our province.

Within the framework of the thirteenth edition of Universidad 2022, each of the representatives of this complex opted for teamwork and sincere alliances, where the effort of each one will pay tribute to the results of the group.

Each of these objectives are reflected in the collaboration links established with foreign and national universities, the interest of others in the products of these institutions for their application within different projects, as well as the fruitful exchange of knowledge.

Yudith Arredondo

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