Mayabeque, Cuba: Raising production without using chemical fertilizers and including the different social factors of the community are priorities of the ecological farms of San Nicolás, a movement that is encouraged among the producers of the municipality to support the self-sufficiency of families.

In the territory, the constant search for new methods to cultivate, leaving aside mechanization is felt in many farms, being the main action to develop the economy and food sovereignty in the locality.

This was made clear by the Municipal Coordinator of Science and Technology, Training and Agro-ecology in the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), Alberto Marín Quintero, who added that the incorporation of the family into this movement is of utmost importance both in the support in the work of the land or in the preparation of dishes derived from traditional Cuban cuisine and from the same patio.

The new proposals for agroecological farms in the municipality will enhance the consecrated work with the land, they will also be an example to be followed by other producers who are not yet inserted in the task of producing food for the people.

Milay Vega Villar

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