The school year begins in March with new designs for the school uniform.

At the end of an atypical school year, conditions are already set in our educational centers and at home to start the new school period.

The purchase of the new school uniforms makes a difference these days in February, acquiring the new clothing designs, in order to make the necessary adjustments in a short period of time according to the sizes of our children.

Mothers and fathers must be aware of and responsible for complying with school regulations so that our children, and above all, adolescents, look good. It’s about making adjustments, not modifying.

Among the requirements are that the skirts of the girls must have four fingers above the knees as limits and the pants of the boys must fall above the shoes.

These rules are not new. They pass from one generation to another, so we must insist on respecting them to preserve uniformity.

The school period will begin with new clothing designs, especially for primary education, and the color blue will be incorporated for secondary education. However, the regulations are the same, which constitutes a commitment for new students: To be an example for the rest of their classmates, to whom they will be given later.

The challenge of students and teachers multiplies, we close one course and start another. Given these events, we add two different characteristics to the next school period. It starts in the month of March and with new school uniform designs.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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