Evalúan resultados de los programas de salud en Mayabeque.

Mayabeque, Cuba: One of the main goals for the Provincial Directorate of Public Health in Mayabeque for this year is to achieve better indicators in each of its programs.

The foregoing transcended in the annual balance of the sector where they evaluated the work of the past calendar and implemented innovative strategies that allow excellent services to be provided to the population of the territory.

The Provincial Director of Public Health, Idalberto Aguiar Hernández, said that at the meeting they analyzed the results of each of the programs, in which Covid-19 had a great impact on the demarcation and the country.

Other challenges for the current period are to improve the staff policy to achieve the development of each of the municipal directorates, consolidate community care in primary health care in the eleven municipalities and strengthen the management of the 20 polyclinics of the Province.

The meeting was chaired by the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Mayabeque, Yanina De la Nuez Aclich, and the National Director of Human Capital in the Ministry of Public Health, Marcos del Risco del Rio.

Yadira Montero

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