Bolivia’s Government Will Pardon Hundreds of Politically Accused and Persecuted during Coup Regime

Bolivian government will pardon hundreds of politically prosecuted and persecuted during the coup regime Photo: Radio Habana Cuba.

La Paz: The Government of the President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, prepares two supreme decrees, to grant pardon, amnesty and comprehensive compensation for damages to at least 1,500 defendants and politically persecuted during the administration of Jeanine Añez, Radio Habana Cuba publishes.

According to the Deputy Minister of Justice and Fundamental Rights César Siles Bazán, the norms generate protection for all persons unjustly and illegally prosecuted. “A second decree that we are working on, repealing Supreme Decree 4100, is for comprehensive reparation”, he added.

The decree of amnesty and pardon was presented to the Unit for Analysis of Social and Economic Policies and will later be submitted to the consideration of the cabinet of ministers and was prepared to provide a global solution to the cases of the defendants and the politically persecuted of the de facto Government.

The decree of comprehensive reparation, on the other hand, will serve to provide them with financial assistance, health insurance and psychological care, estimating a compensation of 100,000 bolivars to the victims’ families, in addition to financial reparations and aid to those who were injured and other consequences.

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