Gilma Madera y el busto de Martí en San Nicolás

Bust of José Martí en San Nicolás. Foto: Ecured.

It is a privilege for San Nicolás, in just the center of the José Marti Park there is the original bust of the Master, made by Pinar del Río sculptor Gilma Madera Valiente, who among others made the one who is placed in the Turquino Peak.

It was unveiled in 1947 as initiative of the Students Association of the municipality, who contributed to recall the money to pay the sculpture.

It also help the teacher from San Nicolás, who achieved a presidencia decree that gave the permission and the money left for all the statue.

The bronze bust placed in the Central Park of San Nicolás proposed a more authentic and original Martí, a tribute to the brilliant man, of universal stature.

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Nivia Palenzuela Páez

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque

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