India Imposes Lockdown over Record of Coronavirus Cases

India imposes lockdown due to record number of coronavirus cases. Photo: Radio Reloj.

India: Authorities in the Indian city of New Delhi imposed a one-week lockdown starting Monday to contain the increase in Covid-19 cases and reduce pressure on hospitals in the city, Radio Reloj reports.

In a televised message, the Head of Government of New Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, reported on Sunday that the restriction will be from ten tonight to six in the morning next Monday.

“If we do not impose a lockdown now, we will face a major disaster. Starting tonight there will be lockdown until next Monday”, the Head of the local Government, Arvind Kejriwal announced.

Kejriwal justified the need for “drastic measures” to avoid “a collapse of the health system” although he explained that essential services will continue to function normally.

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