Quivicán Sugar Plant Receives Reparation for Next Sugar Harvest

Reparan central de Quivicán para reincorporarlo a la próxima zafra azucarera.
Quivicán Sugar Plant Receives Reparation for Next Sugar Harvest, Photo: Archive.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Manuel Piti Fajardo Sugar Mill of the Quivicán municipality began repairing its areas for incorporation in the next harvest.

After a visit made by the AZCUBA Group to assess the situation of the mill, the specialists diagnosed the areas that required maintenance work.

The entity’s director, Yoel Hernández, said that the main actions are to change the air heaters in the boilers, in the mill houses, the vacuum pumps and the power plant.

The manager added that for the execution of the investments, they will hire Zeti, a specialized group within AZCUBA, to repair the condensate water tanks, a work that is valued above one and a half million pesos in national currency.

The Manuel Fajardo mill was chosen from among the 12 centers of this type that are inactive in the country to resume milling.

This decision is due to its location and the facilities to reform it because many of its machinery are in good condition.

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Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández

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