La Unidad avícola San Agustín, del municipio de Quivicán, se dedica fundamentalmente a la producción de huevos.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The San Agustín Poultry Unit, in the municipality of Quivicán, works for the sake of a rapid recovery to continue the production process, after the passage of Tropical Storm Laura in the province of Mayabeque.

According to the director of this center, Yudel Gonzáles Morales, they carried out several rapid response actions. He also commented that the chickens could be saved after the rains that fell on them, thanks to the workers’ response to protect the affected buildings by restoring all the covers.

This poultry farm dedicated mainly to the production of eggs, had several partial damage to its trestles, and two buildings lost the entire roof, which could be recovered.

More than 50 thousand laying hens are in this establishment, so it is necessary to recover several of its facilities to guarantee its contribution to the national economy.

Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández

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