The school, a center of great social importance

Training, preparing and educating is the social purpose of the school, a center that prepares us for life in society. In them we acquire diverse knowledge, norms and values, capable of identifying an individual as a member of a cultural community, a people, or a nation.

This process begins from our birth, at home and is consolidated in schools, hence the famous phrase: the first school is the family. However, educational centers provide individual and collective training that allows us to identify ourselves in society.

An example of this is the role it assumes in the face of the Covid-19 health crisis, since the school not only prepares us academically, it also provides knowledge about current social conditions.

Children and young people in Cuba today consolidate with discipline and organization, from the classroom, the hygienic measures to protect their health, because with the resumption of teaching activities, teachers and professors also include educational tasks aimed at complying with the rules established by the Ministry of Health and Education.

From this space, we learn to identify priorities and needs, set objectives, goals and dreams.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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