Informative note from the Municipal Defense Council in Güines.

After the confirmation in recent days of new positive cases for COVID-19 in the province, the Municipal Defense Council in Güines has adopted several measures to prevent the spread of the virus:

• Visiting patients in hospitals is prohibited.

• Non-emergency patients should go to the doctor’s offices to be cared for by the family doctor and nurse.

• It is mandatory the use of the mask face for the transportation of passengers.

• Customers must bring glasses to buy juices or soft drinks in the gastronomic units.

• State drivers traveling to Havana or other municipalities must take the quick test.

• The permanence of people in the parks of the municipality is prohibited at any time of the day.

• There can be no agglomeration of customers in bakeries, banks and the Cadeca office.

• It is forbidden to carry out cultural activities of any kind.

• Drivers of state and private cars must comply with the disinfection of vehicles at all entrances to Güines.

• It is prohibited the entry of vehicles that are not from the municipality and are stopped at the control points.

• Community groups must ensure that children don’t play in the street on each block.

• Avoid crowding of people at gas points.

The highest authorities of the municipality urge the population to permanently use the mask face in all scenarios. People who fail to comply with this measure will be fined and in the case of repeat offenders, the fees can be up to three thousand pesos in national currency.

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