Responsibility and citizen awareness: essential behavior to defeat the coronavirus.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The municipality of Nueva Paz is in the epidemiological alarm phase as three new cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed yesterday.

The health authorities together with the Municipal Defense Council reinforce the protection and isolation measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.

The communicator of the Provincial Directorate of Health in Mayabeque, René Rodríguez, referred that among the actions taken are the restriction in the exit and entrance to the Nueva Paz Popular Council, the activation of checkpoints on the outskirts of the municipality and the limitation of movements in the areas where confirmed cases reside.

The increase of the investigations in Nueva Paz and Vegas and the realization of the PCR to one hundred percent of the people involved with the confirmed patients are other measures.

Taking into account that the contagion statistics in the province show a higher percentage of asymptomatic patients, the health personnel calls for the discipline of the inhabitants and to reinforce the norms established since the beginning of the pandemic.

Asarys Posada

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