Mayabeque reports a positive case for Covid-19.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Mayabeque reported today a positive case for Covid-19, a 54-year-old Cuban citizen, resident in San José de las Lajas municipality.

The patient is a female, contact of a confirmed case and symptomatic. 23 contacts under surveillance, according to information from the communicator of the Provincial Health Directorate, Dr. René Rodríguez.

Yesterday 226 samples were studied in the province and one was positive.
Until today in the demarcation, 81.3 percent of confirmed cases are of epidemiological discharge and 86.7 percent of medical discharge.

The capital of Mayabeque is the one with the highest incidence of the disease, with a rate of 50.56 percent and 5.06 in the last 15 days.

5 adults are admitted at the Salvador Allende Hospital, and 5 individuals in the Julio Díaz National Rehabilitation Hospital.

In the Motel La Estrella 33 people are isolated, in the Motel Jamaica 21 and in La Hotelera, 17. In the Agrarian University of Havana stay 143 people and in the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Mayabeque 27. In the Manuel Piti Fajardo Maternal and Child Teaching Hospital 10 children and in the Aleida Fernández Chardiet Teaching Surgical Clinical Hospital 9 adults.

Comply with the hygienic-sanitary measures. Maintain social distancing and the use of the face mask mandatory for all activities and scenarios.

Lianet Hernández Soto

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