Mayabeque, Cuba: The professor of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Chess Academy, located in the Güines municipality, Raúl Pérez Hernández, informs all the practitioners that they will begin their training on November 2.

Students must report to that institution starting at 4:00 in the afternoon, where the strategy of the groups divided into sub-groups will be announced, to comply with the measures to avoid contagion with Covid-19.

The correct use of the mask face, little physical contact between the participants, the washing of hands, the use of disinfectants in the room, tables and pieces, are other measures to be implemented.

The training will last one hour. The science game, in the territory, promotes the integral education of boys and girls, as useful citizens and prepared for life in society.

According to Professor Lemay Vega, chess serves to enhance the highest levels of knowledge, skills, equal conditions for everyone to learn, based on the capacities developed, endow them with wisdom and guarantee their health, well-being and favorable living conditions .

We also find in this discipline a rich thematic where scientific, logical, mathematical, philosophical, psychological, strategic and tactical elements are intertwined that are reflected both in the personal field and in professional and social action.

Edilsa Hernández García

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