Mayabeque, Cuba: San José de las Lajas shows a a growth of the infestation by Giant African Snail, especially in micro-dumps and green areas.

The workers of the anti-vector campaign in the territory join the sanitation work to prevent it.

According to the head of the Hygiene Unit in the Municipal Health Directorate, Ineibis Rollo Leyva, vector operators carry out actions to eradicate the mollusk and prevent its proliferation.

“The Giant African Snail reproduces rapidly and is harmful to human health. It transmits parasites and bacteria that can kill people and animals. Through its secretion it causes serious diseases in the central nervous system such as eosinophilic and digestive meningoencephalitis such as eosinophilic ileocolitis”, the head of hygiene explained.

The communal management also contributes to the elimination of this vector that already extends through the urban area of ​​the provincial capital.

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