The sanitation of the main cities and towns receives particular importance in the current conditions in which the country is putting into practice its national plan for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus.

Working systematically to avoid the agglomeration of solid waste, not only in the main avenues and streets, but also in the less traveled roads, is also a duty of the families in the community.

It is important to keep clean now more than ever, and even improve it every day. Citizens know the importance of maintaining hygiene in neighborhoods and communities, but for many people, cleaning and caring for the environment are not a priority in their daily lives.

Good hygiene and positive habits have the best school at home. The demand imposed by the family, together with the fulfillment of institutional duties, are the key guidelines to maintain hygiene and avoid contributing to dirt.

Let us remember that the one that cleans is not the cleanest, but the one that makes the least dirty, so we urge all Cuban citizens to adopt more efficient measures in order to improve communal hygiene.

Lianet Hernández Soto

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