Two travelers from Miami raise the active cases of Covid-19 in Mayabeque to three. More than 50 contacts involved in Madruga and San José de las Lajas.

The publication of a reliable source posted on the social network Facebook, together with the scenario in which we live after the beginning of the period of the new normal, provoked this comment.

SARS CoV-2 once again shows its fearsome face in areas of the Mayabeque province and once again we are in danger of a regrowth in the territory.

But the most curious thing is that now its presence comes from a source abroad. Again, we underestimate the value of knowing how to listen.

Cuba for obvious reasons has to march in tune with the reality of the world. We have to open our borders. The situation is unsustainable economically speaking and I am not referring to the patients for whom no expense is spared.

I’m talking about the thousands of suspects hospitalized and the endless contact list of contacts.

The indications were very clear in this regard, the travelers, after being determined healthy by the PCR test, they would go to the family homes but there would begin another very important stage, that of protecting others during the period in which the virus could appear.

The family, for its part, aware of the danger, protect itself while also having the task of sensitizing the newcomer to what is at stake, based on the characteristics of this virus that today may be negative and tomorrow may be active with symptoms or not.

It is unintelligible that with the culture that our people have, with what we have learned, with the systematic and timely information, the message is still not understood. Each one must assume their part of responsibility in this battle in which the life of an entire country is at stake, fundamentally due to the economic magnitude of the problem.

Many of us despise the wisdom of the popular saying: We should learn from other people’s mistakes

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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