Ordering with the people in mind.

Many changes are taking place in the country from an economic and social point of view and it is necessary to be clear that this effort to recover the economy and develop ourselves is far from taking measures that may have a negative social impact.

We live a harsh reality and it is fair that people worry about their immediate future, but in its essence the Ordering task is not a threat to the social achievements of the Revolution, endorsed in the Constitution of the Republic, such as education, health, social security, among other aspects.

The elements with the greatest number of concerns are: the partial elimination of undue subsidies, the gradual elimination of the supply book and the increase in the prices of goods and services, as published in the digital version of the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

It is logical to think that these actions could affect many compatriots and families, which is why it is insisted that, if someone is left in a vulnerable situation, the way in which they will be helped is planned.

The process is accompanied by a wage reform that does not ignore pensions and prices, which will take into account the protection of retirees and pensioners, single mothers and other vulnerable sectors under the principle of subsidizing people and not products.

Another expression of how the humanistic character of the Revolution was taken into account is that to make this wage reform reference goods and services were taken into account, a mechanism that grouped not only the products delivered through the supply book, but other goods and services such as transportation, recreation and others.

Another citizen concern is the value of the so-called basic basket. It is precisely this amount that is the reference point for forming prices in the retail market and establishing the new minimum wage.

In other words, it is a skein sometimes difficult to understand, but that is based on the social principles that today govern the destiny of the country.

Even when internal and external enemies do everything possible to sow doubts and uncertainties in the population, to provoke a social outbreak in Cuba, there will be no room for such neoliberal recipes that corrode from the economic, social and political perspectives. In the Ordering task, the humanist character of the Revolution also is present.

Andy Duardo Martin

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