Mayabeque, Cuba: The blue and kind eyes of Horacio Lazo Troncoso emerge from above the protective mask, his firm voice concealing the mark of his 71 years.

For 29 years he has operated a retro excavator, emulating the bright light in the middle of the field or the little that accompanies the days in the midst of the weather conditions, they have not diminished the brightness of his cheerful gaze that replaces the paucity of his words.

He never had children, but his love found place in his family and in his work, which he considers the best in the world.

As long as he has strength, says Horacio, he will keep operating his equipment, but when these are missing, his replacement and current assistant José Andrés González will be there, already so knowledgeable about the whims of his beloved machine.

The testimony of the latter corroborated the authenticity of the message transmitted from the gaze of Lazo Troncoso, who is one of the young workers of the machinery that prepares the land for the current cold sowing.

Meeting Horacio Lazo Troncoso, witnessing his modesty and simplicity, refers to Marti’s saying: “All the glory of the world fits in a grain of corn.”

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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