Mayabeque, Cuba: The journey of those 82 men, from Tuxpan to Cabo Cruz, that December 2, 1956 could be characterized as unique. With Fidel at the helm, as he said in his phrase, the purpose was to leave, arrive, enter and triumph.

The bad weather conditions, the lack of fuel and the overload in the boat, prevented the entry on the scheduled date; but the revolutionary fervor, the desire for freedom and resistance to the obstacles presented was greater.

The departure of the expedition was notified via telegram; two days after Granma left the Mexican port. Wrapped in cold and hunger, in the absence of ammunition, the expedition members arrived that day, full of courage and optimism to save Cuba from the clutches of the enemy, to see it free.

And so it was, that date marked history, it concreted the way for the dream of the Cuban people to be fulfilled on January 1, 1959.

Yuliet Casanova La Rosa

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