Mayabeque, Cuba: A new product in the testing phase at the Base Business Unit (UEB) Aljibe in Mayabeque will be soon commercialized in the ideal markets of the province.

According to the head of the production area, Michel Milián Hidalgo, it is an elaboration dreamed of for a long time that should materialize at the end of this month of January.

With the name Matilda Dulce de leche they hope to obtain around 1,500 liters of the rich food, in the format of 1000 milliliter bottles for the consumption of the people of Mayabeque.

The training in the UEB has been a determining factor in these results, which is why the annual training plan is analyzed every three months and is carried out in different modalities: personal, in the workplace, courses and seminars, as confirmed by the main specialist of Human Resources Management of this company, Yamirka Mederos Pérez.

The director of the Aljibe Base Business Unit in San José de las Lajas, Luis Antonio Dorta Hernández, reports that among the projections for the upcoming 2021 are the construction and start-up of a Buffalo Cheese Plant, as well as a laboratory with all the conditions to analyze each of the products present in that production.

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