Mayabeque, Cuba: The fight against the new Coronavirus pandemic has once again put the solidity of the Cuban health system to the test, a battle that we are waging today with satisfactory results in the municipality of San Nicolás.

The epidemiologist Florinda García Chico is one of the many faces that each day represents the resistance, capacity and strength of our system in the fight that the world faces against the pandemic.

The doctors of the territory have been the true heroes of this battle with no definite end date. Socialist Cuba imposes itself once again in adverse situations to show that we can achieve great victories, through our innate potential and our own strengths.

There is no doubt the inordinate effort of the members of the Cuban health system to confront the virus, to which we must all contribute without forgetting the need to protect ourselves and be alert to its expansion.

Asarys Posada

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