Vacunales cubanos contra Covid-19 muestran significativos avances.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The President of BioCubaFarma, the General Director of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, the General Director of the Finlay Vaccine Institute and the General Director of the Molecular Immunology Center appeared this Thursday at the radio and television program Roundtable to report on the current study of the clinical trials of the four Cuban vaccine candidates against COVID-19 and the development and production of other drugs for the treatments of this disease.

The Director General of the Finlay Vaccine Institute, Doctor of Science Vicente Vérez Bencomo, said that the inquiries with Soberana 1 show that the vaccine is very safe and the trials that have been done, in third doses, practically all the people responded in a positive way.

Antibody to fight the virus is achieved and other viral neutralization tests are done in real time.

Soberana 2 started later, it is a safe vaccine and after the first dose there are a number of important people who responded positively, hence the response was better than what Soberana 1 achieved.

The General Director of the CIGB, Doctor of Science Marta Ayala Ávila, argued that they are developing two vaccine candidates Abdala and Mambisa.

Mambisa is intramuscular and takes advantage of a previous result to rapidly develop it and put it in a public health function.

Abdala is used in the mucosa in spray format and could be a very effective way to fight the virus.

Andy Duardo Martin

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