Colaboración Médica en Venezuela.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Members of the Henry Reeve Brigade of Mayabeque offer their services in 29 countries, fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and like in Honduras, where they treat patients affected by natural disasters caused by successive hurricanes in that Central American region.

The Head of Medical Collaboration in Mayabeque, Master Anais Santos Gutiérrez, reported: “out of the 161 health workers that we have today in about twenty countries, 101 are women. In the case of nurses, there are 109 who fulfill a leading role. The work in the red zones, the realization of investigations and PCR, are actions that mark the work of these personnel”.

Another 43 intensive specialist, integral general medicine, neumologists, are in other countries with a worthy job where the primary thing is to save lives”.

Sulimary Carrasco Fonte

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