Mayabeque, Cuba: Taking advantage of agricultural surpluses and producing food for the people is one of the challenges of the workers of the La Victoria mini-industry, belonging to the Pablo Noriega de Batabanó Credit and Services Cooperative.

Today when the country’s management needs it most, in the midst of the global economic crisis, as a result of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, with artisanal machinery this small factory produces pickles of vegetables, jams, vinegar, dry wine and sauce of tomatoes.

Its productions are destined to supply all the points of sale of the Batabanó settlements, the state markets and sometimes the hospital centers of Mayabeque. Despite this, the small industry is involved in an investment process without stopping production to improve working conditions and incorporate new products.

In the mini-industry they use different containers, among which the glass bottles stand out, contributing to the task of recycling.

Without a doubt, La Victoria represents one of the local development projects with good results. For this year they assume new plans, perfecting their productions with the aim of improving quality and satisfying the demand of the population. (IVP)

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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