Recibimiento de pacientes al nuevo centro de aislamiento.

The opening of an isolation center at the Instituto Preuniversitario Vocacional de Ciencias Exactas (IPVCE) Amistad Cuba Sweden, in Melena del Sur, contrary to what was thought, has raised in these first days some misunderstandings from those who the circumstances and even by chance had to be transferred there.

The disagreements are related to the diet and the characteristics of the center to host an isolation center, but those who express these concerns forget some important details that I will try to list.

The shadows of the greatest pandemic in modern times devastates the world, poor countries like ours and rich countries like the northern empire, report thousands of cases daily, horrifying numbers of deaths, while the incidence of the epidemic in Cuba is among the lowest in the world, as we must also admit that citizen irresponsibility allowed a high percentage of the setback in a battle whose results astonished the world, an experience that makes clear the efforts of the Cuban government to control the dangerous disease.

They also forget the vigilance of our scientists to find and use responsible treatment protocols for the saving of lives and the trials of vaccines that are more than hope or promise, since the production of one of them on a large scale to apply as soon as possible to the population at no cost, it will not cost us a penny, nor do the two PCRs indicated to confirm the presence of SARS-Cov-2 have a price.

But, above all, they forget that our country, from the third world, with few resources and a ferocious blockade affecting production and services, has been in this battle for a year now, which obviously weighs on the economy.

Even so, in the midst of today’s complexities, in isolation centers such as Melena del Sur, 6 daily feeding processes, the necessary medical resources and a willing staff are guaranteed, without experience in these matters but consecrated, who are already trained in such a complex job, trying to perfect it in order to take care of the most precious asset, life.

Olga Lidia Gómez Ramos

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