In favor of gender equality

Mayabeque, Cuba: The date we celebrate today is another opportunity to recognize the role of women in our society, but above all to call out even louder for equality and the recognition of their rights, many of which continue being relegated.

In San Nicolás, women are at the forefront of work contributing both in health, technical and agricultural work, among others, where they demonstrate their effectiveness as leaders and workers dedicated to their profession.

Among them is Nancy Sánchez, a technician graduated from the Álvaro Reinoso Plan and currently a centrifuge operator at the Héctor Molina Base Business Unit (UEB).

Despite the fact that women ratify their innate potential as true heroines of work, there is still a disproportionate representation in these work environments with respect to the presence of men.

This is the case in the industrial sector of this entity to which Nancy dedicates most of her time and although she says she feels safe and proud of her colleagues, she also advocates equal opportunities for both genders.

An example of strength, commitment and industriousness is this woman who has demonstrated the important task that she performs in an area of ​​undoubted economic importance for the territory.

These are the great protagonists of the Revolution, those who pledge their personal purposes to achieve the good of society. That’s Nancy, a warrior of all time.

Asary Posada Hernández

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