Outstanding women in Madruga.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Someone gave a day in March to those who from January to January have among many arts, trades and professions, a common one, to give their lives.

We see them passing through the years exhausted and smiling, as if there were no wakefulness, fall, work that exceeded their desire to give love, and to make everyone happy.

It is that women, seen as a male complement for years, and still underestimated in some senses, only know how to grow before themselves, to impose themselves as a vital force in the environment.

And there she goes, in a white coat to save the children of others, crossing avenues with restless children hand in hand, promoting culture, dancing, writing, reading, creating, researching, and making the world turns better.

It is March 8th and Ana Betancourt, who raised her voice without fear in Guáimaro, comes to mind, Mariana who gave her children to freedom, Haydée, Melba, Celia, Vilma, many names, innumerable and memorable, behind each one the courage, the tremendous willingness to serve your ideas.

Woman with M for mother and mambisa is undoubtedly the Cuban woman, that knowing what she is worth and what she has been able to challenge, upholds her dignity and is committed to progress, justice, and deserved equality.

It is March 8th and she is not tired, she fights with the routine in good spirits, she knows she is full of courage to conquer futures, she kisses her children, grandchildren, nephews, husband, and shines, and she knows the size of the paper that It is awarded to her because she is a teacher, a housewife, a scientist, a seamstress, a grandmother, an engineer, an architect, a writer, and she is a woman.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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