How to preserve the identity of Mayabeque?

Mayabeque, Cuba: If we stop before the question, what to do to preserve the idiosyncrasy of the inhabitants of Mayabeque? We assume the already existence of an identity, which seems an evident fact, but it is not so obvious.

Ten years after it was founded, the youngest province in the country could still allow itself to be taking steps in the formation of what distinguishes it, and yet it considers preserving what it has achieved a long time before.

We were born as part of a new political-administrative division in Cuba, and we recognized our borders and made ours own a demonym that we had never heard before, Mayabequense.

Living in the same space our life changed. But the eleven municipalities that have made up the province since 2011 had much to contribute to the collective idiosyncrasy.

Culture was the main ingredient in the union of the identity elements that 10 years later represent the youngest territory of the island.

The Punto Cubano is felt in every corner, guateques are celebrated with the fervor of the people in homes and recreational centers, the rumba sounds on the drum of the descendants of Tata Güines, the Bejucal brass bands are received, the danzón continues to dance.

And far from the musical rhythms, literature, noble and Creole poetry of a western people, it stands out for its renewed and representative form of the times that are lived.

Faced with such flowering of art, of the way of being, of the homogeneous mixture that we are, pride in our roots and in what we have built makes us cultivate it and not let it die.

There is nothing more necessary to preserve our idiosyncrasy than to be ourselves, the people who without asking for values ​​or borrowed styles made a history, a culture, a way of being recognized in the archipelago.

A land of country landscapes in which the city bustle is not lacking, from North to the South of the Cuban West between the wonders of the Santa Cruz beaches to the well-known Batabanó Gulf.

We will know how to conquer the future with what we have, with what we defend and love, that is the key point, to continue betting on our own ways.

After 10 years of being children of this land, we can speak of a collective feeling, a desire for improvement and deep unity, essential pillars in the formation and preservation of the provincial idiosyncrasy.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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