Marionette, typical form of servility.

Those who like to serve and prefer to ignore the country’s history, either from within or from outside it, those who do not forget in a pitiful way what Barack Obama said during his visit to this archipelago, inviting us to forget the facts and names that founded the destinies of the nation to start from scratch, they pretend to attract public attention in a disrespectful way.

Those who desecrated the busts of José Martí in different parts of Cuba, those who try to create social chaos with disrespectful demands and dubious foundations, respond to that invitation from the former US president and attack the independence and libertarian ideology that the Apostle of Independence bequeathed to us, Cubans.

Why such events if not to motivatl the actions of those who seek to suffocate us as a society, as a nation? These attitudes show servility, another of the machinations, all wrong, doomed to failure.

To Martí “I really owe my patriotic feelings and the deep concept that Homeland is humanity. The audacity, beauty, courage and ethics of his thinking helped me to become what I think I am: a revolutionary”, Fidel said.

There is nothing in this world that can overshadow or supplant the teachings left to us by the mastermind behind the assault on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba, a living sign that the struggle for independence was not stopping, but was continuing. Those venal, because they are nothing more than that, underhanded and disrespectful actors in the country’s history, travel the same paths of those who in 61 years have not been able to break the will of a people of deep Marti roots

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