Children and youth of Mayabeque celebrate anniversaries of their organizations.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Young people from Mayabeque carry out several activities in salute to the 59th anniversaries of the Young Communists League (UJC) and the 60th of the José Martí Pioneers Organization, which will be commemorated on April 4.

Half a hundred young people from the municipality of Jaruco carry out a volunteer work this Thursday to greet both celebrations.

The day is carried out in the fields of the Ho Chi Min Integral Farm, located in the Popular Council of Bainoa supporting the harvest of potatoes.

During the appointment they will deliver the Young People for Life Condition to medical students who stood out in the confrontation with the pandemic, in the active investigation in the neighborhoods or in the support work in the red zone.

While the sports movement of San José de las Lajas confirmed its participation in the First Virtual Festival of Kites, Cuba is ours, to be held from April 1 to 4 of this year.

Participation can be individual, duos and trios, according to the available spaces. The making of kites must respond to the commemoration, under the initiatives of the participants.

The intervention will be evidenced through photos and videos shared in the Facebook Group Provincial Department of Physical Recreation of Villa Clara, organizer of this virtual contest in conjunction with the José Martí Pioneers Organization and the Young Communists League of that province.

Isamary Valero Padrón

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