Un camino a seguir explorando y consolidando.

The world economy continues to be threatened by the increase in cases of coronavirus, which affects exports and the global market.

Despite this reality and the blockade of the United States government against Cuba, it is necessary to move forward, constantly looking for solutions or alternatives; grow in the face of difficulties, something that characterizes our people and makes us feel proud to be Cubans.

Among so many transformations or measures adopted to counteract the global economic crisis, today we are concentrating on food production and food and nutritional sovereignty, where the peasantry plays an important role.

Recognizing the work in the field, from every small piece of land to increase production, even when scarce resources get in the way, is worthy of admiration.

Today more than ever the use of agro-ecology in peasant farms is growing, the productive chain of industries, the increase of family yards or plots to produce their own food from home, the hiring of new planting plans are actions that could not wait.

In Batabanó the results are encouraging. Producers with experiences ensure good yields in their crops, taking into account the benefits that agro-ecology offers in providing healthy crops,

Since the first positive Covid-19 cases were registered in the country, which led to the implementation of sanitary measures to control the pandemic, the Cuban peasant continued in the front row producing food.

Now we are in one of the most important periods in Cuban agriculture where 60 percent of the products of the whole year are guaranteed, the harvest of the cold season, but from now on we are returning to the fields to organize a new sowing period in the spring.

Boosting the national economy, producing in our territory what we need to obtain a balanced diet, in addition to being a challenge for farmers, shows us how much we can do to get ahead in the midst of the global crisis.

Given the lack of resources, the use of animal traction, biological means, staggered planting and the efforts of cooperative members and peasants is decisive.

Today the country has among its priorities the confrontation with Covid-19, food production and the implementation of the Ordering Task.

Faced with these men and women who give birth to the land despite so many difficulties and increase their yields and food delivery, we simply have to take off our hats.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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