Vilma Espín in the hearts of Cubans.

The Cuban woman who went to the Sierra to challenge everything, the one who was between the guns and the mountains never lost her sensitivity and tenderness, the sweetness of the country sidewoman.

Vilma Espín was a worthy person from Santiago, one who from her youth firmly assumed the defense of her ideas and her justice, and contributed to the revolutionary movement that was gestating her naturalness, delicacy, and courage, seal unmistakable of the Cuban women.

The faithful friend of Frank País was in the uprising of November 30, integrating the ranks of the July 26 Movement, from the plain she supported, organized and collected, in perennial aid to the guerrillas, and later, she did not hesitate to join the Second Eastern Front, with the name of her friend, assassinated for defending principles other than those of an unequal society led by a cruel and anti-Cuban government.

Upon the revolutionary triumph, her labors did not cease, what was achieved in the struggle deserved to be enjoyed by the people. Vilma opened a rebirth in the thought and life of Cuban women, first as a reference, and then as a guiding voice in the idea of ​​an egalitarian and just society.

Her creative and empowering work challenged deep-rooted sexist customs that were suffered, providing us with tools and ways to promote our rights.

However, the clandestine fighter, the guerrilla, the leader, was able to bring to peace her role as the mother of four children and the wife of the one who along with her had chosen the path of freedom, even if it was the most sacrificed. The essence of Vilma prevails as an echo of light, she is remembered at the head of the Cuban Women Federation, an organization that proudly bears her imprint and her image, in a photo that recalls the times of struggle, and where she smiles in front of Cuban women.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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