8 de abril Día del Trabajador de la Industria Pesquera.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Like every April, the Batabanó Industrial Fishing Company celebrates the sector’s worker day. This time with an entertaining and simple act due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic, the group ratified its productive commitments and recognized the outstanding workers during the last period.

According to the general secretary of the union bureau of the Industrial Fishing Company, Marlen Cruz, they are privileged workers since they are in the first battle trench guaranteeing food for the people, without stopping any of the processes.

At the meeting, workers from the fishing sector in Batabanó with more than 20 years of experience received the Aracelio Iglesias distinction.

The deputy minister of the food industry, Javier Francisco Aguiar Rodríguez, attended the ceremony for the Day of the Fishing Industry Worker in Mayabeque, who congratulated all the workers of Mayabeque and the entire country.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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