Havana, Cuba: The singer-songwriter Arnaldo Rodríguez is the author of the song Eco de banderas, dedicated to the celebration of May Day in Cuba.

In addition to Arnaldo Rodríguez and his Talismán, the outstanding Cuban musicians Mayito Rivera, Osdalgia Lesmes, Steel Band Habana, Marcos Alonso (electric guitar), Verónica Velázquez (backing vocals), Yara Clave de Acero, Robin Martínez (trumpet) and the Amadeo Roldán String Quartet participate in the theme.

The text of the most recent creation by Arnaldo Rodríguez defines the participation of the working people in everyday multiple tasks, and especially in those related to the Covid-19 Pandemic, mentioning the Mambisa and Soberana vaccines as a success of the workers of the science.

Arnaldo and his Talismán is a musical group directed by the Cuban musician Arnaldo Rodríguez, a musician with a solid professional training. His music studies were carried out, first, at the School of Art Instructors in Yarey, Granma-eastern part of the country, and later concluded at the National School of Art (ENA) in Havana.

This group was founded on June 11, 2002 and is part of the catalog of the EGREM music label, with which it participated in around twenty albums, including several of its own such as “Arnaldo y su Talismán” (2003), “La lucecita” ( 2005), “Mango” (2009) and the DVD “Viste lo que te dije” (2007). He can be defined as a restless artist, who is always in constant exploration and on the hunt for new ideas. His musical works together with the orchestra and his ability to convene have made him worthy of occupying a privileged place in the taste and preference of the Cuban public.

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