Las comisiones de trabajo aportaron importantes propuestas para resolver o mitigar problemas de la agricultura.

Mayabeque, Cuba: In keeping with the measures adopted by the country for the agricultural sector, the interventions in the workshop for the strengthening and consolidation of agriculture, focused the attention on the productive bases, the productive chain, contracting of productions and the situation financial in cooperatives.

The exchange took place at a strategic moment in which the nation’s authorities are calling for an increase in food production and the work is aimed at implementing the Ordering Task.

During the work in commissions they analyzed issues about the business system, the state function of the agricultural work teams from the municipal level, the control of animal calls, genetics, seeds and land tenure, among other issues.

In this regard, the General Director of Agricultural Economics and Development in the Ministry of Agriculture, Alexis Rodríguez Pérez, says: “from the exchange that took place with the productive bases arose problems of all kinds and immediate solutions and others that need more study”.

“It must be said that these workshops have really aroused a lot of interest in the productive sector of agriculture, which will allow the Ministry of Agriculture to present on April 30, a proposal for the strengthening of the productive bases of agriculture, where much of the country’s food is produced.

At another point in his intervention, Rodríguez Pérez added: “we have seen here in Güines that the task has been understood, that the Workshop has been organized very well and that the commissions have played their role.”

Regarding the ordering task, the agriculture sector plays an important role in boosting the country’s economy.

“By initiating an ordering in all spheres of the country, economic, financial, structural, naturally a group of problems emerge that are being identified in a transparent way and allow more direct and more concrete measures to be adopted, hence the adjustments that have being carried out during the whole process”.

“Among those adjustments are those that have to do with price, with the way of charging the productive base for the contracted services that is, giving a group of facilities from the banking point of view, from the point of view of collecting the services that strengthen the productive base”.

Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque


Por Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque  

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