Mayabeque, Cuba: Many were the dreams of José Marti during his short but fruitful life. All aimed at the well-being of his people, whom he always wanted to see free from exploitation, racism and inequalities.

Those dreams of the Cuban national hero, after long years of independence struggles, came true with the revolutionary triumph of 1959.

Today the young people of our society make their own the legacy of the most universal of the Cubans; in study and work, in their contributions to the homeland, of what the most powerful example is the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, because they think as a country, in response to the maximum revolutionary leadership.

This is expressed in the red line where everyone’s effort makes it possible to minimize deaths from the disease.

Another example of Martí’s legacy is the participation of our young people in each economic and political task for which they are summoned and in the defense of the homeland, which ensures freedom and citizen tranquility, for which our José Martí gave his life in the independence struggles.

Roberto Hernández

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