Mayabeque, Cuba: The authorities of the Party, the Government, the National Association of Small Farmers, the Federation of Cuban Workers, the Young Communists League and the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in Madruga paid tribute to the combatants Lázaro Dávalos Elizalde, Alexis Casas Sarmiento, Pascual Valdés Pita, Nicolás Frías Partagás and Miguel Izquierdo Morales, five survivors of the Playa Girón battle.

The delivery of diplomas of recognition, allegorical folds of the historic feat and the respect and affection of the inhabitants, characterized the day.

In the emotional meeting they recalled the first defeat of the Yankee imperialism gestated by the Cuban people, led by Fidel, who then declared the socialist character of the nascent Revolution.

The Bay of Pigs invasion, also known as the Playa Girón invasion or the Battle of Girón, was a military operation in which Cuban exile troops, supported by the United States government, invaded Cuba in April 1961, to try to form a provisional government to replace that of Fidel Castro and seek the support of the Organization of American States and the recognition of the international community.

The action ended in failure in less than 65 hours. It was completely crushed by the militias and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba. More than a hundred invading soldiers died, and the Cuban army captured 1,200, along with important war material.

Roberto Hernández

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