Quivicán productive pole guarantees food for the people.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Since the new measures to increase food production were announced in April of this year, the farmers of Quivicán, together with managers and cooperative members, have adopted strategies to guarantee a higher quality and quantity of assortments for the population.

The Director of the Agricultural Company April 19, Darío Ismel Basurto Gómez, said that for the current cold season, which has just begun, they will cultivate 2 thousand 365.4 hectares, a higher order than the last contest. Of these, 733, 4 ha are for meats, 821, 5 for vegetables, 698.8 for grains and 111, 7 for fruit trees.

The interaction between the entities provides farmers with tools to achieve the desired food sovereignty. It also provides economic benefits from the export of its productions.

The work of the Directorate of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture increases the sowing areas through the incorporation of technical plots and intensive orchards in the neighborhoods. This allows increasing the production of leafy vegetables fundamentally.

The raising of rabbits and small cattle to increase the 30 pounds per capitas per inhabitant is another of the alternatives implemented to satisfy the demand of the inhabitants of the territory.

Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández

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