Cold season.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Planting of grains and vegetables in the current cold season is progressing at a good pace in Batabanó.

Beans and tomatoes are priorities among the crops destined to substitute imports to the country and in the month of November they will incorporate the sowing of potatoes.

The crop specialist of the Agricultural Company in the town, Carlos Delgado Hernández, explained the existence of the conditions and resources in order to guarantee good results with the help of the biological means of the Center for the Production of Entomophages and Entomopathogens.

In this season, 1,320 hectares will be planted between beans and tomatoes and they will also increase the planting of corn for population consumption, he added.

The cold season is the best sowing time, where favorable climate conditions and lower temperatures prevail, which favor the vegetative development of crops, mainly vegetables.

At this stage, they ensure about 60-70 percent of next year’s production levels, hence the importance of taking advantage of it.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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