Farmers promote work aimed at increasing sugarcane areas.

Mayabeque, Cuba: 120 hectares sown with sugarcane, cultivated at the beginning of the cold season, germinate in fields of the Boris Luis Santa Coloma Company in Madruga.

In response to the call of the authorities of the province and the country to increase the sugarcane areas for future sugar contests, about a hundred farmers in the municipality accumulates 44 days of work in the furrows.

The support of private farmers, state cooperatives and basic production units contributes to the effort of producing sugarcane and to improve the attention to the first 15 fields for the upcoming 2021-2022 harvest.

The purpose of this cold season is to guarantee the quality of both seeds and crops, therefore they already organize the first manual and mechanized works for weeding and fertilization in the sugarcane areas of the territory.

Roberto Hernández

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