Authorities of Madruga Urge to work towards gradual recovery of the economy.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Madruga authorities urged to work hard and responsibly in the gradual recovery of the economy, one of the main battles of the country in conjunction with the confrontation with political-ideological subversion.

The subject was evaluated by the Council of the Administration of the territory referred to the economic activity in which they highlighted the need to optimize the use of resources, increase productivity and apply science and innovation to advance.

The control of Covid-19 associated with the increase in vaccination and the action of the health system in Madruga, allows the opening of activities that contribute to the economy and the incorporation of more workers in the production of services.

“The greatest challenge is in the recovery of the economy with the limitations imposed by the blockade of the United States against our people,” the municipal mayor and head of administration, Betina Broche González, explained.

“The difficulties and needs of the people marked by shortages and high prices can only be reversed through the creation of wealth and the participation of all,” she emphasized.

She also made reference to the measures dictated by the government in favor of the actors of the economy and called, in correspondence, to strengthen labor discipline and efficiency.

Maria Amalia Pérez

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