The Knight of boxing in Mayabeque.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Mayabeque’s fighter Osvel David Caballero García has an excellent performance in the World Boxing Championship based in Belgrade, Serbia, when securing a bronze medal.

Still the color of his medal can change, as well as the amount of money that he will receive, because this version of the universal appointment has that additional incentive.

In the first presentation he was superior by a unanimous vote of the judges 5-0 against the Azerbaijani Umid Rustamov. His second suit was won by RSC in the second round against the representative of Iran, Sajad Mohammadpour.

Already in the round of 16 he was in charge of defeating, also 5-0, the Armenian Artus Baseyan. Caballero García convinced again and the vote was: 30-27, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

Last Tuesday, discussing bronze, he had the most disputed fight of him. He was the opponent of the Mexican Miguel Vegas Barreras. The fight was decided in the third round, since in the first Osvel was 4-1, but in the intermission the Aztec matched the actions.

At the end ours won again to decree 5-0, with a vote of: 29-28 by the five judges, that is, in all his presentations those who administer justice have seen him win his fights.

The boy from Batabanó who defends the 57 kilogram division, at the end of this edition was discussing the possibility of reaching a world final.

Wilber Pastrana Pereira

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