Public transportation.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Public and private transportation is gradually reestablished from Bejucal to other municipalities.

Since last October, the internal transit of state and private vehicles in urban and rural areas has been authorized.

The head of the transportation department of the local administration, Cesario Ramiro Oliva González, said that the notable improvement in the epidemiological situation allowed the reopening of other services.

Private carriers are authorized to circulate from the town to Santiago de las Vegas and Quivicán.

On the other hand, the buses belonging to the Transportes Base Business Unit (UEB) of the territory began to travel to the capital of our province and to some rural settlements.

According to Oliva González, they are taking other steps to incorporate into this dynamic the state buses that reinforce trips to San Antonio de los Baños and Santiago de las Vegas, which is more economical for the inhabitants.

He also referred to the need to strictly comply with all the preventive measures arranged such as the permanent use of the mask face and the disinfection of the hands.

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